easyHAB StarterKit


  • OpenHAB HomeAutomation Server with smart app
  • Plug & Play, software already preconfigured
  • Simple, wizard-guided configuration for OpenHAB
  • Intelligent automation for all smart home devices
  • Preconfigured settings of common use cases

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The easiest way to control all* your devices with your phone!

Do you know the problem that almost all devices you can control with “home control” have their own app or are not compatible with Alexa or HomeKit?
As a user, you then have to use multiple apps and an overall control with smart shortcuts and automations is not possible. The existing solutions for this problem like OpenHAB are technically extremely demanding, need programming knowledge and are difficult to set up.

easyHAB implements and enables smart use cases that have been developed and tested for your convenience. Among them are for example:

  • Creating scenes with multiple devices.
  • Lighting control with colors and dimming
  • Heating control
  • Single/multiple switch
  • Window contacts
  • Absence
  • Garden watering with weather-based rules
  • Roller control time-based or sunrise/sunset
  • Free definable greeting texts
  • Playing music on specific events
  • Notifications to the smartphone
  • Media player / TV / HarmonyHub
  • Many more…

We make it simple!

  • Automated setup of the HomeServer via Wizard
  • Easy integration and configuration of various services
  • Automatic discovery of all devices for which services are available
  • Grouping your devices into rooms
  • Easily create automation rules for your devices (if-then rules with various triggers, additional conditions and actions)
  • Automatic generation of rules and user interface for use in mobile, tablet and desktop computer
  • Voice output
  • Integration of Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit
  • Support for weather-based rules
  • Up to 3 generations of configuration and rule sets stored and retrievable


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